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Do you need help optimizing your landing page?  How many landing pages do you have?  Do you have traffic?  How much traffic?  These are important questions because the investment going into your ABTESTING for a Landing Page optimization strategy is proportionate to the value derived since the more clicks and traffic you have, the more you are able to benefit for every percentage increase you have in clicks, therefore, resulting in more conversion, and worthwhile the initial investment of a strategic optimization plan for any number of landing pages developed.

What is CPA mean? Cost Per Action

CPA marketing is where the avertiser pays the publisher a flat fee for every customer converted, regardless of how mich business that customer generates. CPA can also stand for Cost Per Acquisition.

Who knows about Widerfunnel? – Recent reports indicate that Some groups spend over $30,000/month with Widerfunnel, but why?


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Example of a Landing Page


A & B Testing Techniques

When you do strategic testing, you can milk out additional percentages of click through conversion by site layouts, color combinations, font formatting, logo designing, left and right rails.  These types of characteristics are what goes into the strategic planning for the landing page boiler plate platform template style of all the pages that will host the content you’re trying to get in the eyes of your visitors.

White Hat VS Black Hat Techniques

White Hat styles are implementing techniques that are wholesome and non-violating to the standards of search engines since the search engines are indexing sites, the right way is the WHITE HAT WAY.  However, some sites you BLACK HAT techniques, which a form of tricking the search engines into indexing them, and while some sites get away with them, if the search engines catchup based on their ever-developing algorithms, then it’s not an evergreen or long term strategy.  It can be kicked out of the search engines, etc. etc.


Search Engine Optimization is more longer term than Search Engine Marketing.  Because you are having to constantly have an ad budget for Search Engine Marketing, however with Search Engine Optimization, you are working towards delivering a WHITE HAT strategy that achieves organic traffic, not relying on PAID TRAFFIC.


Continual optimization is necessary to incorporate the ever changes and new technologies taking place in the overall Internet Marketplace.

Constant A B TESTING is important so you can maximize click through ratios, conversions, while delivery a confident and reliable user experience so that the ultimate goal is for the customer to obtain what they want.  If they cannot make any use, there’s no point of tricking your customer into thinking they are going to get something they thought they were going to get but ending up being confused where they don’t open up their wallets at all.

See, the key point is user experience, and a poor user experience will not last long term, unless your business model has proven that your customer is your first and last customer, and that you’re not anticipating their return.  If this is the case, then you have to convert them instantly, or else, they will never return.

When it comes to SEO or SEM, which is the longer term value investment?

Ask yourself, would you rather have a source of relevant traffic that’s inline with the customer’s demand of specific results based on their search, or would you rather keep paying a recurring amount of payment for traffic until you decide not to pay, you receive no more traffic.

Now, let’s not get it wrong.  SEM is the best way to get target traffic, but make sure you have a dual strategy.  Both SEO and SEM strategies are good long term so you can have a balance of both worlds.